I aim to provide my clients with the best styling experience possible by helping each to create a unique and personal look with clothes that look great on them!

See what my clients had to say about their style experience:


I decided to hire KC Styling because I found myself uninspired by my current wardrobe even though I had a lot of clothing options. Kristen helped me simplify, reorganize, and restyle my current wardrobe and make a list of basics that she recommended would enhance my current wardrobe. With her help, I now have an efficient morning routine and the confidence and knowledge to pick stylish, put-together outfits. I also have been able to easily maintain her closet organizing technique! Kristen didn’t try to change my style; she is hands on and taught me simple steps to enhance my current style.

Kristen is stylish, enthusiastic and has a passion for empowering women! She helps her clients efficiently dress themselves in confidence and style while staying true to themselves. She has a genuine care for others and loves making a difference in her client’s lives.


My closet needed a total makeover! I was often frustrated and unexcited about my wardrobe, and if you know me, shopping for clothes is one of my least favorite things to do. I split my life as a wife, designer, beauty consultant, and a girls’ high school basketball coach, which also dramatically splits my wardrobe–sweats and sneakers to skirts and high heels. I hired KC Styling because I needed to hone down on the basic items I needed to complete my business and ‘game day’ closet. She helped reorganize my closet; helped me minimize my t-shirt collection so I could make room for the new; and gave me a keen sense of how to mix and match the basics of my professional wardrobe to offer variety within my classic style.

I would recommend Kristen in a heartbeat! She taught and shopped with me at a pace that didn’t overwhelm. Plus, she made me laugh the entire time; I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun shopping! Just from that one-time of working with Kristen, I feel like I have all the skills and know-how to keep my style looking like a champ!


What a fun experience I had when Kristen spent the afternoon with me sorting through my clothes and accessories. I had one closet for things I wear now, one for summer clothes and one for winter items, plus a separate coat closet. We were able to eliminate all the items that never got moved from the out of season places to the closet in my bedroom. She made it so easy to part with outfits I hadn’t worn for years, but knew I would feel guilty if I discarded them. We managed to fill several bags with these and out of style clothes I would never wear again. We donated them to the Goodwill store, and had others ready for a consignment shop. A favorite part for me was when we “shopped my closet” with the items we kept and she created 15 new outfits of pieces I had never put together before. She added the shoes and jewelry and we took photos so I would be able to remember these new outfits. What fun coming to the office each day with something “new”! I would recommend Kristen to anyone who wants to get organized and wants to really enjoy looking in their closet again.


I needed help with purging clothes and organizing my closet. And I received just that! My clothes were sorted and gone through, keeping me only with the items I loved which resulted in a clean, organized closet. Kristen mentioned the Konmari method which taught me how to organize my dresser. Color coding the hanging clothes was a simple yet life-changing way to keep things looking neat and easy to access. I would definitely recommend KC Styling because Kristen is driven and can get a ‘sometimes overwhelming’ task done. She provided an enlightening insight to an individual’s fashion needs and provided the tools to implement. I had so much fun!!


My favorite part of my style experience was putting all of the outfits together and creating the style book. I use it as a reference all the time! I was surprised at how very simple pieces can be used in multiple ways with the right layers and accessories. The biggest change I’ve experienced as a result of working with Kristen is that I am able to "dress up" and still be very comfortable.

Kristen was awesome! She will give you the best experience possible. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and well dressed! She also is amazing with the follow up after your session is over.

She Booked Sort, Shop, Style


My favorite part of the style experience was the Sort. I loved having Kristen go through my closet with me and decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to buy. I was most surprised by the number of outfits she was able to create, even after downsizing the amount of clothes in my closet. The biggest change I’ve experienced as a result of working with KC Styling is how I make my selections on new purchases!

If I could tell you one thing about hiring Kristen- Do it! You will love organizing your closet during the Sort, having Kristen shop for you/with you, and then having her put it all together in numerous outfits. Thanks again! Let’s do it again in the spring!

She Booked Sort, Shop, Style