Hiya, Gorgeous! This week, KC Styling went LIVE on Facebook for the first time; it was fun, exciting and nerve-wracking, ha! Local boutique owner Pattie invited me to join her weekly program IN MY CLOSET at her store MOXIE to play around with new inventory. We sipped Rose Lemonade and talked Mother’s Day, ruffles, cousins, 80’s denim jackets, and so much more. Missed it? Catch the replay HERE.

A bit about MOXIE Boutique… it’s very affordable; she won’t ever have anything over $50 and most is under $30. They have a great balance of classic and trendy pieces. They also carry designer denim at discount prices, which is super soft, comfortable and will last as long as you want it to. It’s a one-stop shop for all you busy mamas. MOXIE is certainly a favorite of mine and you should stop in the first chance you get. It’s in front of Cabela’s at 96 & Greenwich. #shoplocal

Here’s a recap of simple style tips Pattie and I covered during the episode. Take what you like and what works for you now and put the rest on hold for later, or pass it along to a friend!

  1. Balance. The first step to dressing well. We’re all proportioned differently. The goal is to downplay your least favorite parts, and bring attention to your most favorite parts with color, texture, and shape. If you’re wider up top, draw attention to the bottom. If you’re wider from the waist down, draw attention to the top. If you’re wider in the middle, draw attention up AND down. This is really a whole post in and of itself… watch out for that soon.
  2. Neutrals are your friend. Mix ‘em and match ‘em. Black, white, ivory, gray, brown, olive, etc. Obviously loving the light neutrals right now- tans, beige, white, ivory… such a classy look! Please see Exhibit B: Jennifer Lopez in Maid In Manhattan. I’ve always been inspired by this movie look. (Also, did you know Ralph Fiennes is Joseph Fiennes older brother?! I love finding Hollywood connections. #famousfamilies) You can also get a ton of mileage from anything neutral you own because it will go. with. everything!
    image via Pinterest
    image via Pinterest


  3. Athleisure. Take your yoga pants into an Athleisure with a stretchy denim jacket and striped tee from MOXIE and a pair of low-profile tennies from Target. Or better yet, get a pair of super stretchy delicious butter jeans/jeggings from MOXIE that are just as comfortable and stretchy as leggings but give a little more structure and have pockets so you can wear a shorter top.
    image via Pinterest


  4. Yoga pants. Speaking of yoga pants, I’ve got a bonus tip for you! If you love your leggings and yoga pants and wear them all the time, DO slip your jeans on once a week. Otherwise, in three weeks, they may not fit. A lot can happen under there without you realizing! Been there, done that.
  5. Denim on denim. Pair a light denim jacket/shirt with dark jeans, or vice versa. Just don’t try to match your denims! We don’t want a Justin/Britney sitch. Simple as that.
    image via E!Online


  6. Statement Necklace. Pair a statement necklace that has the color of your pants/skirt in it to really pull an outfit together, like we did with the mint denim and teal blouse.
  7. Hard + Soft. This is what really gives an outfit interest. Pair romantic or flowy pieces with denim, leather, olive jacket/pant, etc. for an interesting, put-together look.
    An awesome MOXIE shopper modeled this for me!


  8. Flowy blouses. Ruffles and flowy blouses are perfect for any body type- they soften hard bodies and camouflage soft bodies (crazy, huh?!). DO collect flowy blouses in every color that you love! They’re forgiving and versatile. 


  9. Three-quarter sleeves. Push or roll your sleeve to ¾ length- this shows the thinnest part of your arm and draws attention to your waist where the sleeve hits.
  10. Create a waist. The side tuck can work for anyone. Tuck in one side of your shirt in the front, to the side of your sipper. You might have to play with it for a minute but this look instantly gives you a waist!


  11. Mid-rise jeans. Choose a mid-rise jean to help hold things in a bit better. No more low-cut jeans! Do a sit test in the fitting room and make sure nothing shows or bulges.
  12. Transparent dresses. Slips are awful in the summer; they’re so hot! Instead, grab a cotton slip dress to pair under transparent pieces.  I’ve seen them at Walmart, or MOXIE has one that doubles as a skirt extender. 


  13. Maxi skirts. Tie a knot into the bottom of your maxi skirt for added interest to an outfit. I don’t suggest this look for work, but it’s the perfect touch for casual outings. Search “maxi skirt knot” on Pinterest or Youtube for a tutorial.
    image via Pinterest


  14. Pinspiration. Speaking of Pinterest, DO search Pinterest for inspiration often. Get specific- search “olive pant outfit” or “gray tee outfit”… whatever piece you’re wanting to remix.
  15. Building the perfect outfit. Choose the piece you want to wear that day. Hold it up and find something it pairs well with that’s appropriate for the venue and weather. Add a “3rd piece” (jacket, statement jewelry, or scarf) to really look put-together. Simple as that!
  16. Statement Earrings. If you’re not feeling the best about your current weight situation, wear a statement earring to draw the eye up and to your face. Why not throw on a bold lip, too?!
  17. Gray denim. Love denim jackets? Grab the new MOXIE gray denim jacket to mix up your blue denim jacket looks. It’s super stretchy and comfortable and a fresh take on the denim jacket!


  18. No-fail look. Wear a darker cardigan/blazer/jacket over a lighter top; when people look at you, their eye will be tricked into seeing the lighter color and they’ll see a long, thin line. Ba-bam! It’s like you lost 10 lbs.


Thanks for joining Pattie and I on IN MY CLOSET! Watch every week to see MOXIE’s newest inventory and Like their Facebook page for all the good updates. For one-on-one style help, check out my services or connect with me and we’ll talk personal style over juice or coffee. DO sign up for my newsletter for monthly style tips and updates!


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