How It Works

My Sort, Shop & Style service has been known to be transformational, making women feel connected with their style and excited to get dressed each morning.

All three steps are necessary here — each one builds on the rest to create the most stunning results.


Day 1: Sort

It starts with a relaxed in-home consultation, during which I will get to know you and assess your current wardrobe. Working together, we’ll decide what to keep, what needs alterations, what to donate and what to acquire.

Day 2: Shop

Next, I will go out and pre-shop for you, based on your budget and the needs we identified together. All you’ll have to do is simply whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds chosen by an expert for you.

Day 3: Style

Following your shopping trip, we’ll come back to your home to blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look with panache. Digital photos will help you remember the new looks and make getting dressed a breeze.

Full-Service Styling

My experience with numerous clients has taught me that these three elements are necessary for honing in on your signature style. If all I do is a Sort, you may be left with a diminished closet and no real plan for acquiring the missing pieces. If we do nothing but Shop, you miss out on all the amazing outfits I can help you create with those new items and old favorites. Through the Sort, Shop & Style, you will enter your closet each morning and know that it’s only filled with things you love and look great on you.

Sort, Shop & Style Results:

  • 10-12 complete casual or career looks
  • A personalized lookbook of outfits created
  • Tips for dressing your unique body shape/coloring
  • Special discounts at specially chosen stores
  • Access to my expertise for 2 weeks for any style questions
  • *NEW* Ability to upload entire wardrobe for virtual styling

Book Sort, Shop & Style - $695